Immersive Installation

June 2020

Levitate among the giant jellyfish and the planets within reach: a journey to be accomplished in the lower choir, a new space of technological possibilities for the Dominicans.

Echoing the invitation to delve into oneself offered by the Nebula garden, an immersive mapping reveals this choir almost unknown to the public.A hidden place, plunged into darkness, the lower Dominican choir vibrates almost in secret.

It appears when Jean-Jacques Bourcart, one of the first private owners of the convent and more than fond of music, decides in the 19th century to divide the choir of the church into two parts to create a new suspended concert hall, at the height of the stained-glass windows.

It was a dream place to develop the dimension of Alternative Dominican convent and present highly technological creations. For the opening to the public of this choir, the videographer Claire Willemann signs a hypnotic atmosphere: Blue.

Conducive to introspection, his immersive mapping, set to music by composer Vladislav Isaev, plays on any scale between microcosm and macrocosm.

︎︎︎ Date: June 2020
︎︎︎ Place: Les Dominicains, Alsace, France
︎︎︎ Work: Immersive sound design and music composition 
︎︎︎ Videograph: Claire Willemann
︎︎︎ Artistic direction: Philippe Dolfus
︎︎︎ Additional music: Anthony Graizely