Immersive 360° exposition

November 2018

The Hyperdome360, its 8 meters in diameter and its historical, educational and artistic content is aimed primarily at secondary school students. The theme that is developed there, in images and sounds, evokes the aftermath of the Great War in Alsace, based on documents collected by the Departmental Archives.

The Hyperdome360 is an innovative mode of transmission, a digital and emotional experience, a technological and artistic challenge. Spatialization and sound and visual techniques are at the service of contemporary creation and historical content. The spectators are caught up, placed at the center of this sensory experience. Designed to meet the educational objectives of middle school classes, this historical and cultural experience is aimed primarily at young audiences. The period of the Great War and its aftermath in Alsace is thus experienced in hitherto unexplored dimensions. The text, carried by actors from Støken Teartet, is accompanied by still images, music, and excerpts from two propaganda films from 1917.
︎︎︎ Date: November 2018
︎︎︎ Place: Les Dominicains, Alsace, France
︎︎︎ Work: Immersive sound design and music composition 
︎︎︎ Videograph: Claire Willemann, Jérôme Tromson
︎︎︎ Concept: Philippe Dolfus
︎︎︎ Additional music: Vincent Villuis