Multichannel immersive installation

May 2020

We come to breathe culture and delicacy at the top of our lungs, enter into meditation thanks to an immersive mapping and a landscaped installation in the garden, and taste the intimacy of the concerts in the nave.

From the front door, the visitor is called by a musical wave to lose himself in NEBULA, the multicolored garden, vibrating with grasses dancing in the wind.

︎︎︎ Date: May 2020
︎︎︎ Place: Les Dominicains, Alsace, France
︎︎︎ Work: Immersive sound design and music composition
︎︎︎ Landscapers: Ambroise Jeanvoine and Johan Picorit
︎︎︎ Artistic direction: Philippe Dolfus
︎︎︎ Additional music: Elena Isaeva