Vladislav Isaev — Audio designer, Composer and Engineer

Audio designer, composer and engineer - Vladislav Isaev

works on sound spatialization and develops innovative, totally immersive listening experiences for video games, cinema, installations and multimedia projects.


Immersive Installation / 2020

Levitate among the giant jellyfish and the planets within reach: a journey to be accomplished in the lower choir, a new space of technological possibilities for the Dominicains.

Echoing the invitation to delve into oneself offered by the Nebula garden, an immersive mapping reveals this choir almost unknown to the public. A hidden place, plunged into darkness, the lower Dominicain choir vibrates almost in secret. It appears when Jean-Jacques Bourcart, one of the first private owners of the convent and more than fond of music, decides in the 19th century to divide the choir of the church into two parts to create a new suspended concert hall, at the height of the stained-glass windows.

It was a dream place to develop the dimension of Alternative Dominicain convent and present highly technological creations. For the opening to the public of this choir, the videographer Claire Willemann signs a hypnotic atmosphere: Blue. Conducive to introspection, her immersive mapping, set to music by composer Vladislav Isaev, plays on any scale between microcosm and macrocosm.  

F1® 2020

Videogame / 2020

F1® 2020 is the official video game of the 2020 Formula 1 and Formula 2 Championships developed and published by Codemasters. It is the thirteenth title in the Formula 1 series developed by the studio and was released on 7 July for pre-orders of the Michael Schumacher Edition and 10 July for the Seventy Edition on Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and, for the first time, Stadia.  

F1® 2020 allows you to create your F1® team for the very first time and race alongside the official teams and drivers.
Alternatively, challenge your friends in new split-screen with casual race options for more relaxed racing.

Compete on 22 circuits, with current and classic content. 


Multichannel immersive installation / 2020

We come to breathe culture and delicacy at the top of our lungs, enter into meditation thanks to an immersive mapping and a landscaped installation in the garden, and taste the intimacy of the concerts in the nave.

From the front door, the visitor is called by a musical wave to lose himself in NEBULA, the multicolored garden, vibrating with grasses dancing in the wind.  


Immersive 360° exposition / 2020

An artistic proposal within a digital dome: an immersive experience that takes place in a spherical space eight meters in diameter for eight video projectors. The digital dome is an innovative mode of transmission, a digital and emotional experience, a technological and artistic challenge.

The theme developed in the dome show is built around plants, their history and their presence in Neuenbourg park.

Accessible continuously every quarter of an hour for 15 people (7 minutes of mapping and 2 minutes of didactic foreword).  


Immersive 8.0 installation / 2019

Marguerite Porete, a mystical Beguine, wrote a work, the Mirror of Simple Souls, which led to her being burned in public in 1310.

Claudine Gambino, visual artist graduated from the European Institute of Ceramic Arts — class of 2018, presents, in collaboration with two composers in residence at the Dominicains, Vladislav Isaev and Vincent Villuis, a sound ceramic installation in the neo-Gothic chapel of the convent.
A voice of love.

Because she advocated a love of God outside the moral and ecclesiastical shackles of her time, Marguerite Porète was burnt alive in 1310. Inspirer of Meister Eckhart and his Rhenish mystic, is she still an example Women should be wary, especially women who are free to speak their minds: they sometimes hide a courage that makes them subversive. “Heretic”, we said hastily in the Middle Ages.

This is how Marguerite Porète, born around 1250, became a Beguine in the north of France, was judged and condemned at the stake…  


Immersive 360° Exposition / 2019

Take a break in a hallucinogenic herbarium! This decompression chamber is full of hybrid and imaginary plants. A 360 ° experience in total immersion, on deckchairs.

Be careful, dreamlike relaxation is compulsory…

CodeXperience takes you on a motionless journey that will caress your imagination in the direction of a dream. In a 360 ° dome, a real decompression airlock, a new film with imaginary plants animated in 3D, carried by a spatial soundtrack, will transport you into a psychedelic and immersive universe.

Digital becomes hallucinogenic, suspends time and relaxes you in its geodesic belly.  


Immersive 360° exposition / 2018

The Hyperdome360, its 8 meters in diameter and its historical, educational and artistic content is aimed primarily at secondary school students. The theme that is developed there, in images and sounds, evokes the aftermath of the Great War in Alsace, based on documents collected by the Departmental Archives.

The Hyperdome360 is an innovative mode of transmission, a digital and emotional experience, a technological and artistic challenge. Spatialization and sound and visual techniques are at the service of contemporary creation and historical content. The spectators are caught up, placed at the center of this sensory experience. Designed to meet the educational objectives of middle school classes, this historical and cultural experience is aimed primarily at young audiences. The period of the Great War and its aftermath in Alsace is thus experienced in hitherto unexplored dimensions. The text, carried by actors from Støken Teartet, is accompanied by still images, music, and excerpts from two propaganda films from 1917.